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Port Rowan Chiropractor Dr. John Rios

Port Rowan chiropractor dr john rios

Dr. John Rios

“When it comes to the work I do, I can sincerely say there is nothing more fulfilling than bringing hope and healing to the people that cross my path.”

From a very young age I often gravitated to anything that involved health. But it was in my late teens that I discovered that I could play a major role in helping people reach their health potential and THAT WAS EXCITING!

A Chiropractic Education

Though the education journey was long and challenging, there is nothing I wouldn’t do all over again. I am forever grateful to the many individuals who have inspired and taught me the principles needed to share this gift of healing with people. I also feel privilege to put into practice said education to give hope and opportunity to individuals who suffer from different conditions.

I have been in the Toronto area since 2003. I chose this location in response to the public’s response to a series of radio programs I did in a Toronto radio station. Having grown up in the area, the connection with the community was rekindled and the response has been fantastic.

Next to the connection with the community, my desire was to become the doctor/clinic that people could count on to either find correction or direction for their health issues.

On a Personal Note…

Personally, I like to share that I am happily married to my wife Lisa and the proud father of three beautiful daughters, Tori, Rachel and Carley. I find great pleasure spending time with them and serving in our church as well as in the community. When time permits, you’ll find me enjoying sports, watching or participating in tennis, racquet ball, squash and baseball, etc.

Enough about me!

How can we help you with our safe and natural Upper Cervical brand of chiropractic care? Give our Port Rowan chiropractic office a call, or email me using the link below so we can help you take your first step towards better health.