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Did you know why it is so hard to lose weight?

If you are overweight, you are likely suffering from a chemical imbal-ance that is CORRECTABLE! One of our goals is to teach our pa-tients the science that not only will allow you to lose weight, but to keep its results on a long-term basis.


1. Your fat burning hormone level of ADIPONECTIN is too low (so you are not burning fat for energy)

2. Your hunger hormone GHRELIN is too high (so you are hungry all the time)

3. You have some degree of blood SUGAR imbalance making it difficult to burn fat for energy.
4. Your STRESS levels are causing your body to create too much CORTISOL, creating ugly belly fat.
5. You are CONSUMING MORE CALORIES than your body is burning.

We guarantee your weight lost 20-35 pounds (of fat) in six weeks!

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A side benefit of our program is reduced inflammation throughout your body so a lot of your aches and pains will simply go away. In fact, because reducing inflammation feels so good and it reduces craving for inflammatory foods.
The road back to the slim, healthy and more energetic is not out of reach or outrageously difficult, but it requires that you follow a simple blueprint -consistently- for a specific time period.
If you follow this blueprint, which is extremely simple once you begin to establish the right habits, you’ll be well on your way to a whole new body and lease on life.

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